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September 13, 1993: Israel and Palestine peace accord

September 12, 1940: Discovery of Lascaux cave paintings

September 11, 1971: Donny Osmond releases #1 hit

September 10, 1897: First drunk driving arrest

September 9, 1956: Elvis sings on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

September 8, 1974: Ford pardons Nixon

September 7, 1813: Introduction of U.S. nickname ‘Uncle Sam’

September 6, 1522: Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigates the earth

September 5, 1774: First Continental Congress convenes

September 4, 476: The fall of the Western Roman Empire

September 3, 1777: The American flag is first raised

September 2, 1969: First ATM opens

September 1, 1985: ‘Titanic’ wreckage discovered

August 31, 1955: The first solar powered car makes its debut

August 30, 1983: First African-American astronaut in space

August 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans

Did Mister Rogers’ sweaters really mask his hidden past as a war hero?

August 27, 1955: The first “Guinness Book of Records” was passed around in British pubs

August 26, 1920: Woman granted right to vote with 19th Amendment

August 25, 1835: The perplexing “Great Moon Hoax” appeared in the New York Sun

August 24, 79 AD: Mount Vesuvius erupts

August 23, 1989: Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose banned from baseball

August 22, 1950: Althea Gibson is first African-American to join the U.S. tennis tour

August 21, 1959: Hawaii becomes 50th U.S. state

August 20, 1920: Precursor league to the NFL is born

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