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July 22, 1862: Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation to his advisors

July 21, 1899: Literary icon Ernest Hemingway is born

July 20, 1976: NASA’s Viking 1 lands on Mars

July 19, 1942: George Washington Carver begins experimental project with Henry Ford

July 18, 1940: FDR received his third presidential nominaton

July 17, 1955: The magical world of Disneyland opens to the public

July 16, 1790: Washington D.C. becomes the nation’s capital

July 15, 1806: Zebulon Pike begins his famous expedition

July 14, 1995: The MP3 is introduced

July 13, 1960: Kennedy receives a presidential nomination

July 12, 1862: Lincoln introduces the Medal of Honor

July 10,1962: The three-point seatbelt gets patented in the United States

July 9, 1947: Florence A. Blanchfield becomes first female Army officer

July 7, 1930: Construction begins on the Hoover Dam

July 6, 1957: Althea Gibson becomes first African American to win Wimbledon

July 5, 1946: First bikini introduced in France

July 4, 1826: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both die like true patriots

July 3, 1863: The Battle of Gettysburg concludes

July 2, 1964: Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

July 1, 1997: Hong Kong was given back to China

June 29, 1995: U.S. space shuttle Atlantis historically docks on Russian station

June 28, 1519: Charles I scored the exhausting role of Holy Roman Emperor

June 27, 1968: Elvis Presley tapes iconic comeback special

June 26, 1945: United Nations Charter signed in San Francisco

June 25, 1950: United States shockingly defeats England in the World Cup

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