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One New Hampshire county tried being its own separate country

Anarchists took over Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War

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Lisa Frank’s long-lasting technicolor popularity

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The busiest hitman in mafia history: The ‘Iceman’

Meet the most beautiful women of the last century

This 1950s science kit for kids came with real uranium

Emmett Till was brutally murdered 63 years ago— here’s why it’s still relevant today

How Portugal’s first serial killer wound up with his head in a jar

How the movie “Troy” doesn’t even come close to history’s real events

“Would you be my neighbor?” How Mr. Rogers’s show helped a generation of children

Someone managed to miss Andrew Jackson twice during an assassination attempt

One time there were three popes…and they all excommunicated each other

Pepsi once became the 6th most powerful military in the world

Nixon managed to nearly cripple the economy with a 90-day freeze in 1971

Someone entered a horse in a race against trains

King Charles II made sure three people died… twice

John Quincy Adams once had an alligator roam the White House

Criminal bad boy John Dillinger makes prison break with wooden gun

That time the US dropped a nuke on North Carolina

One tough man walked through life with a knife for a hand

‘Cast Away’ becomes real for this brave man who survived 14 months lost at sea

Ridiculous Cold War combat vehicles

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