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Shining a light on the Dark Ages of medieval Europe

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When Bjorn Ironside accidentally invaded the wrong city

Found brooch tells a story of Nazi hatred, ancient history and the viking influence on the world

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Man discovers invaluable hidden treasure while fixing his toilet

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Scientists discover new, horrible ways people died by Mount Vesuvius

1,700-year-old sock sheds light on walking like an ancient Egyptian

Farmer finds 3,400-year-old secret hidden among his olive trees in a hole

3,500-year-old metal hand unearthed in Switzerland

This elite unit of the Spartan army was made up of 150 pairs of homosexual lovers

Our oldest animal ancestor looks like a pancake, and it’s 558 million years old

Historians say ‘10,000 BC’ is the most historically inaccurate movie ever

A new discovery is helping scientists rewrite the history of beer

Medieval mind games practiced by the Russian Knight

What happened to the ancient Mayan civilization?

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Ancient 01.01.19

Shining a light on the Dark Ages of medieval Europe

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