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Vintage photos that will bring you back to the Summer of Love

April 6, 1917: U.S. officially enters WWI by declaring war on Germany

April 3, 1948: U.S. President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe

Modern Shakespeare: Tupac the legend, unmasked

220-year-old time capsule found inside Boston State House

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Inside the competitive and tumultuous relationship between Jackie O and her sister, Lee Radziwill

How the Kansas-Nebraska Act led to John Brown’s infamous raid on Harpers Ferry

Benedict Arnold: The story of America’s most notorious traitor

How Georgia O’Keeffe became the mother of American modernism

January 20, 1801: John Marshall becomes the Chief Justice of the United States

The horrifying truth about the life and death of Pocahontas

Marquis de Lafayette: The French hero of the American Revolution

10 bands that turned down Woodstock ’69

Bessie Coleman: America’s first black female pilot

John Hancock: The man who financed the American Revolution

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