Amish dolls don’t have faces (as seen in this photo). (Photo by Wikimedia Commons).

The Amish follow the teachings of Jakob Ammann, an early Swiss Anabaptist who broke from the Mennonite church of Europe during the 16th century. The Amish community is taught to follow the Bible literally and to adhere to a simple way of living, shunning modern society.

The Amish live differently in all facets of their lives. They consider things like electricity and the telephone “worldly,” because they are used to connect to the outside world. For that reason, use of modern technology is forbidden.

Amish culture is also critical of vanity and pride. Playing musical instruments and even printed fabrics are banned because they are deemed to be connected with pride and superiority.

Faceless dolls

Another one of the beliefs of the Amish community is that the dolls their children can play should have no facial features. Having a doll with eyes, ears, mouth or any other sensory parts is strictly forbidden.

Amish people believe that dolls can be possessed by demonic beings who can live using the doll’s various “senses.” Dolls do not have eyes because the evil spirit can see the child playing through them. They do not have ears so that the spirits cannot hear the conversations. They do not have mouths so that they cannot speak or communicate. A closer look at their dolls also shows the absence of fingers because they believe that demonic spirits can grab things using the hand of the dolls.

Others believe that Amish communities prohibit dolls with facial features for the same reason they do not allow photographs – they believe they are graven images. The Amish do not allow themselves to be photographed because they consider printed pictures a graven image which the Bible strictly forbids. Graven images can be possessed and conquered by demonic forces.

So the next time you’re invited to a little Amish girl’s birthday party, skip the Cabbage Patch dolls for something a little more wholesome.