Hollywood seems to exist in a perfect bubble. However, it thrives on scandals, rumors, and drama as much as the rest of society does. Still, Los Angeles doesn’t seem to be a place for random, brutal murders…yet the Wonderland murders have left a gaping hole in the reputation of the City of Angels.

The obscurely-Hollywood Wonderland murders

When it comes to the Wonderland murders, the events of that evening sound like something straight out of an action/mafia film. Drugs? Sex? Power? It all boils down to these and other things essential for a notoriously Hollywood lifestyle. And what topped it all off? The personas involved in the mess.

The Wonderland Gang may sound like something out of a children’s special, but this group wasn’t for the faint-hearted. Existing in a drug house at 8763 Wonderland Drive, this small group ran a successful business selling and distributing drugs. The night of the murders, five members of the gang were hanging out at the home. Only one of them would walk away alive.

A quick descent into chaos

The leader of the ring, Ronald Launius, his wife, and three others were kicking it back in their cozy little drug house when intruders broke in to brutally slay four of them. One woman, Susan, was the only survivor, and that was merely by luck. The rest were pulverized to a pulp, and the scene was bloody beyond belief. You think someone would have heard the commotion that would cause a mess like that… right?

As it turns out, neighbors did hear screams…but chose to ignore them. I mean, it’s Hollywood. Would you really call the cops for noises coming from a drug house? Still, not just anyone would walk into such a notorious location to wipe out violent drug dealers. So what motivated these harsh murders?

Who was behind the brutal attack?

The Wonderland Gang had more than plenty of enemies. They committed a number of robberies to prove their dominance and fuel their business. Across the years, they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property and drugs. They also had a nasty habit of beating up anyone who crossed them. So, they were super persistent troublemakers. But who hated them enough to kill them?

In the end, police crucified two men for the attacks. A porn star named John Holmes was on the Wonderland Gang’s shit-list, and he was charged with involvement in the murders. However, they decided that Eddie Nash, a nightclub owner who had beef with the gang, was the ringleader of the bloody operation. Still…do you think only two guys pulled this whole terrifying ordeal off? Or is there more to the story?