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Pugs first appeared in history sitting in the laps of Chinese emperors as early as the Shang Dynasty. The adorable canine adored by millions has a large round head, wrinkled body, and big black eyes.

Pugs are also good companions and they can be endearing most of the times because of their good nature and playfulness — perhaps from all the Zen they absorbed during their time in monasteries.

Oldest breed

Found in the writings of Confucius, the Chinese teacher and philosopher, the pug has its rightful claim as one of the oldest breeds of dog. Their record can also be seen in some historical sources dating to as far as the 5th century AD such as those of the Shang Dynasty rulers.

A cross between the Pekingese breed and the bulldog, pugs are thought to have been raised and bred by Tibetan monks. They are believed to have the same characteristics as the Hapa dog which has been extinct for several centuries.

Pug royalty

Pugss not only have a regal connection, but they are thought to be royals themselves. The Chinese culture often depicts them as Fu Dogs guarding royal entrances in the Imperial Palace. They also stand guard to some of the most significant Chinese structures including places of worship, Imperial tombs, homes of the elite, and government offices.

The Tibetan Buddhist monks, who are known to breed the dog, also considered them sacred. Their facial features; the wrinkly face, flattened nose, and wide popping eyes — were once thought to drive evil spirits away.  And who could haunt a little face like that?