Benito Mussolini is one of the most despised leaders in all of communist history. But do you know the insane way that his citizens got back at his cruel reign through his murder?

He was a pretty screwed up dude

When Benito Mussolini first ended up in power in Italy, he immediately became a force to be reckoned with. He spearheaded the National Fascist Party, having been a member since youth due to his hardcore political father. He eventually ended up becoming the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922-1943. And you want to know the first thing he got rid of?

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That’s right, everyone: democracy was out the window. Mussolini boldly crowned himself dictator of the country, and his communist reign swept across Italy. Unfortunately, he went on to form a political alliance with Axis during WWII, siding with Nazi Germany. And obviously, this didn’t fly with a whole lot of citizens.

The decision that set his citizens off

Being a dictator already puts you in a position to be resented by your citizens. So, if you decide to hop on board with a country murdering innocent citizens, there will probably be some people who end up hating you even more. This was certainly the case with ruthless Mussolini. But when the Allies began to spread through Europe, Mussolini quickly realized how screwed he was.

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Once Allied forces began to come to Italy, Mussolini decided to grab his mistress, Clara Petacci, and nope the heck out of there. Unfortunately, Mussolini pissed a few too many people off to slip out of the country undetected (even with his very unconvincing German soldier disguise). Eventually, some of his own people caught up to him in the north of Italy…and Mussolini met a fate worse than being killed by Allied soldiers.

Well, that’s certainly an unpleasant way to die

While the group of partisans that caught up with Mussolini may have been all about communism, they sure weren’t in support of his disturbing leadership. So, they decided to give him a disturbing death. They shot him and his mistress down by machine gun along with 14 other fascists, and strung them up by their feet at a gas station in Milan. But the show of hatred didn’t end with their murders.


For the rest of the day, anyone was free to desecrate their corpses in any fashion or form that they wanted to. People who opposed fascism spit on, stoned, and yelled at their lifeless bodies. While it may seem harsh, the dude did transform their democracy into a brutal dictatorship that squashed the rights of his citizens to dust. His brutal death seems to reflect the hatred for the cruel and crass leadership he swore by!