Author: Terrance Pryor

Terrance Pryor

Terrance Pryor is a music journalist hailing from the great state of New Jersey. An award winning radio personality, too! Lover of all things nerdy and weird on the planet. Currently trying to beat the speedrun record for Super Mario World. Find him at @TerrancePryor over on Twitter and Instagram.

The secret horror house of Madame LaLaurie

August 19, 1909: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has its first race

August 17, 1969: The last day of Woodstock

August 16, 1896: George Carmack finds gold in the Yukon

How Josef Mengele became a wanted man

July 31, 1975: Jimmy Hoffa disappears in Detroit

July 30, 1619: America’s first legislative assembly is held

July 28, 1868: The 14th Amendment was adopted

July 27, 1949: The first ever jet is flight tested