Author: Rose Kennedy

Rose Kennedy

Rose Kennedy writer and content marketer for personal finance, real estate and science topics. She is an ongoing contributor to and the digital nursing publication Pulse. She has footholds in North Georgia and an area of East Tennessee where she enjoys playing Jeopardy and Settlers of Catan.

August 12, 1990: Largest T-rex skeleton ever discovered

August 10, 1846: Smithsonian established

August 6, 1787: The Constitutional Convention debates the first draft of the U.S. Constitution

August 1, 1972: Bobby Fischer wins World Chess Championship

Robert Wadlow: the tallest man in history

Did you know that monks are responsible for creating pretzels?

July 8, 1951: Paris celebrates its 2,000th birthday

June 7, 1913: A missionary leads the first successful ascent of Mount McKinley