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Ridiculous Cold War combat vehicles

Craziest Black Friday moments in history

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30 Prohibition party photos

(At least) 30 facts you didn’t know about Elvis

Unsettling historical photos

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Missing ships and lost planes: What’s going on in the Bermuda Triangle?

The Unfortunate 15: Incomplete Presidencies

Edward Curtis: The last photos of Native American tribes

How John Wayne became an American icon

The WWII ghost bomber that mysteriously landed itself

Natural Woman: The Aretha Franklin story

The daring life of Robert Smalls

How a cartoonist took down the most corrupt and powerful politicians in New York

Vintage photos that capture the magic of Woodstock

Teddy and Muir: The bromance that changed the landscape of America

Polar dash! The Ziegler Polar Expedition crushed by ice

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Ridiculous Cold War combat vehicles

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November 13th, 1987: Van Gogh painting sells for record-breaking amount

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Craziest Black Friday moments in history


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