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Princess Diana was no ordinary princess

Famous UK folk singer who had gone missing resurfaces 30 years later

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

This lost city was the Vegas of Ancient Rome

Teddy Roosevelt’s sons saved Christmas in the White House

Flappers: today’s heroes, yesterday’s villains

“Would you be my neighbor?” How Mr. Rogers’s show helped a generation of children

Where’s your accent from? Why regional accents are proof that America really is a melting pot

The king of Queen: The inspiring and tragic life of Freddie Mercury

Vintage photos of Jackie O

Hollywood blockbusters with glaring historical inaccuracies

Gems that kill: Scandalous stories behind cursed and looted jewelry

Lucille Ball influenced more than you think

Discovery of 150-year-old iron coffin sheds light on forgotten part of history

Discovery of secret room on plantation reignites the Jefferson–Hemings controversy

The stories behind the 15 most haunted places in America

The cutthroat saga behind the Cabbage Patch Kids craze

Man discovers ancient city in basement

Disco, celebrities, and animals on the loose: Inside the wild party life of Studio 54

The amazing life and curious death of Bruce Lee

From Bohemian Rhapsody to Born in the USA: The story behind your favorite songs

Fairy tales or scary tales? The origins behind our favorite childhood stories

The mysterious death of Jim Morrison

The Salem witch trials

From rites of passage to hipsters: The evolution of tattoos

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World 01.14.19

Princess Diana was no ordinary princess

January 14, 1967: The Human Be-In kicks off in San Francisco, marking the beginning of the “Summer of Love”

History Today 01.13.19

January 13, 1968: Johnny Cash delivers famous performance inside Folsom State Prison

History Today 01.12.19

January 12, 1998: Nineteen European countries jointly ban human cloning

History Today 01.11.19

January 11, 1922: Insulin used to treat diabetes patient for first time

World 01.10.19

Rare photos of the circus’s strange and amazing acts

Famous UK folk singer who had gone missing resurfaces 30 years later

Incredible photos of the last Mongolian eagle hunters

January 10, 1776: Thomas Paine publishes ‘Common Sense’

US 01.09.19

Bessie Coleman: America’s first black female pilot


John Hancock: The man who financed the American Revolution


How lighthouse keeper Ida Lewis pioneered early female badassery

January 9, 2007: Steve Jobs unveils the first ever iPhone

History Today 01.08.19

January 8, 1964: Lyndon B. Johnson declares “War on Poverty”

10 declassified operations the government kept secret for years

World War II veteran returns to Germany to solve a mystery that’s been haunting him for 70 years

January 7, 1927: First commercial phone call made between London and New York

History Today 01.05.19

January 5, 1930: When Bonnie met Clyde

History Today 01.04.19

January 4, 1958: Sir Edmund Hillary travels to the South Pole

Where are they now? People in the news we forgot all about

History Today 01.03.19

January 3, 1521: Martin Luther is excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church

History Today 01.02.19

January 2, 1903: Theodore Roosevelt backs the first black postmaster

Ancient 01.01.19

Shining a light on the Dark Ages of medieval Europe

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