Author: Jeanette Rueb

Jeanette Rueb

Jeanette is a writer by trade and a scientist by passion. While her appetite for knowledge fueled her studies in biotechnology, history, and astrophysics, she ultimately opted to pursue her lifelong love of writing. Jeanette's passion for cooking is the driving force behind her food blog, Apartment Eats. When she isn't busy typing up a story or playing ice hockey, she can be found either hiking the foothills of the Sawtooths with her dog or curled up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea.

August 31, 1955: The first solar powered car makes its debut

August 30, 1983: First African-American astronaut in space

August 24, 79 AD: Mount Vesuvius erupts

August 18, 1920: Women gain the right to vote in the US

August 11, 1972: Last U.S. ground combat troops leave Vietnam

August 9, 1974: Gerald Ford succeeds Nixon as president

August 7, 1959: Launch of the Explorer 6 satellite

July 20, 1976: NASA’s Viking 1 lands on Mars

July 7, 1930: Construction begins on the Hoover Dam