Queen Victoria, England’s second-longest reigning (Queen Elizabeth II took that crown from her in 2015). Queen is known as the ruler of Victorian England which saws a vast cultural expansion and advances in the industries of science and communication. Married to her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg, the Queen lived a full life until the dawn of the new millennium. She ruled over Great Britain and Ireland and became the Empress of India for 63 years and 216 days.

During her reign, there were several assassination attempts. Overall, she survived a total of 7 assassinations plots which started in the early days of her enthronement. Such is the first case involving a man named Edward Oxford who shot fires at their horse-drawn carriage four months after the couple’s royal wedding.

The pregnant Queen Victoria and the first assassination attempt

On June 10, 1840, Queen Victoria was four months into her pregnancy with her first child.  The Queen and her consort were riding an open carriage going to Hyde Park when an unemployed Londoner by the name of Edward Oxford inadvertently fired shots at the open carriage.  The entourage was just about a hundred yards past Buckingham Palace.

Prince Albert saw the mean-looking little man pointing something towards them but had very little time to process what he was seeing. A thunderous fire was initially shot and they thought it came from people hunting game in the nearby park.

Oxford fired another shot, but the Queen realizing that someone was aiming at her, quickly docked to avoid the bullet. Oxford was instantly apprehended by the crowd with the Royal carriage trudging on as if nothing happened.

Oxford’s plight after his attempt at Queen Victoria’s life

Edward Oxford was only 18-years old when he fired at the Royal couple. He was taken to court and found guilty. The rule also indicated he be sent to an asylum because he was suffering from insanity. Oxford spent 24 years of his life in a mental shelter and was later deported to the British colony of Australia.

Queen Victoria had seven total assassination attempts in her life and Oxford’s marked the beginning of a series in the 1840s. Of the entire attempts made on the Queen’s life, five of them happened in the 1840s. The last of which during that era was made by William Hamilton in 1849 and he was banished to the Island of Gibraltar for seven years.