Anne Frank’s Diary (Photo by Wikimedia Commons).

You may know Anne Frank as the Jewish girl who, along with her family, went into hiding in 1942 during the Holocaust and documented her experiences in her now famous diary. But what else do you know about her diary? Read on to find out.

Anne Frank wrote her entries addressed to an imaginary friend, Kitty

Anne’s red checkered diary was given by her parents on her 13th birthday. While most girls nowadays would write “Dear Diary,” Anne wrote to an imaginary friend named Kitty. In her first entry, she expressed her wish that “Kitty” would be a trusted confidante who would serve as a great source of comfort and support to Anne.

Anne’s diary served as an effective catharsis

Considering what Anne was going through, hiding in a cramped annex with limited activity, she used her diary to express all her pent-up emotions such as boredom, frustration, and all the other complex emotions she was grappling with. In an entry dated March 16, 1944, Anne mentioned that it was a relief that she was able to write down all her thoughts and feelings — and that otherwise, she would suffocate.

Anne’s diary served as an avenue to pursue her passion for writing

While in hiding, Anne realized that she truly wanted to become a journalist and famous writer. She had a vision that her diary would be published as a novel after the war. Apart from her autobiographical account of her experiences during the Holocaust, Anne also included quotes from famous authors, original stories, and a novel about her time in the Secret Annex in her diary.

Anne’s diary was published by her father, the only person from the secret annex to survive

After the liberation of Auschwitz, Anne’s diary was given to Otto Frank, Anne’s father, who was the only survivor from the secret annex. Otto was hesitant to read the most personal thoughts of his daughter. He later fulfilled his daughter’s wish by publishing Anne’s diary in 1947.

Anne’s diary had secret pages

In May 2018, 71 years after Anne’s diary was published, researchers uncovered two hidden pages in Anne’s diary. The secret pages contained sexual musings and dirty jokes, content her father cut before sending the diary to be published.