We all know what the stereotypical cowboys what filled television screens during the early 20th century looked like. However, we also know that Hollywood likes to glamorize history. Real cowboys dressed differently. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to identify an authentic cowboy if one hit you right between the eyes.

What’s up with those giant hats?

One of the most-well known articles from the cowboy uniform is the cowboy hat. While the outlaws of the Wild West did wear hats, they weren’t exactly what you would think. One of the most popular options was actually the derby, which is similar to what Charlie Chaplin wore.

Other ridiculous options were pancake and top hats. If you saw a picture of someone in one of them, you’d probably just think they were a businessman or a conquistador. This is just one more thing to add to the list of everything Hollywood has screwed up.

Scruff or no scruff? That is the question.

While a few wild west stars did have a bit of scruff, Hollywood liked to keep their cowboys clean-shaven. On the other hand, actual cowboys usually had some form of facial hair.

The painter’s brush and the walrus were very popular options. We can kind of forgive Hollywood for this oversight, though. Leading ladies would have appreciated facial hair up their noses during those famous kissing scenes.

So, Mr. McDreamy doesn’t exist?

Another thing Hollywood got wrong about cowboys was their hairstyles. While some did have shorter hair, longer styles were also popular. Certain men of the wild west even rocked a braid.

Although Hollywood did glamorize the image of cowboys, they didn’t get everything wrong. There were still plenty of historical men that would be considered attractive today. They just wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to John Wayne.