‘Lisa’s Wedding’ and the future of communication


The episode “Lisa’s Wedding” was full of futuristic predictions. After Lisa’s visit to a fortune-teller reveals who she’ll marry (an English chap), the episode lands in London, England. While the passenger planes with eight stacked wings (which Lisa said were better than current ‘hasty designs’) didn’t actually come true, her method of communication did.

The episode that premiered in season six on March 19, 1995, saw Lisa place a video phone call to Marge. Not only did writers for The Simpsons correctly predict the first video chat service, but they also predicted that parents would have a tough time figuring it out!

‘Lisa’s Wedding’ highlights Skype and FaceTime

Photo Illustration by Scott Barbour via Getty Images

“Lisa’s Wedding” takes place in 2010, and by that time video calling was commonplace. Estonian developers first came up with Skype in 2003, and parents of tech-savvy kids have been fumbling with the technology ever since. Also in 2010, Apple created the popular video call platform, FaceTime.

Other future predictions from this episode didn’t come true but were actually pretty close. No one really uses their watch as a phone, like in Star Trek, but the watch has now become an extension of the phone. Likewise, for their predictions about the TV channel Fox, which did not become a hardcore sex channel. Shucks!

‘The Serfsons’ and Game of Thrones


“The Serfsons” was the premier to season 29, and this “gimmick” episode attempted to capitalize on the popularity of Game of Thrones. The title of the episode gets its name from the fact that the Simpsons are “serfs,” living in a feudal society where Mayor Quimby is actually King Quimby. Quimby and his henchmen eventually arrest Lisa for witchcraft.

Homer rallies the Spingfieldians against Quimby’s wizards to get Lisa back, and once they defeat the wizards, they’re confronted by a fire breathing dragon. After defeating the dragon, they learn the dragon is the source of all magic in the kingdom, so Homer brings him back to life, only to see the dragon burn the entire town.

‘The Serfsons’ predicted what would happen on Game of Thrones


For those of you who tuned in to the final episodes of Game of Thrones, then you’ll understand the parallel of a dragon laying waste to the city. Daenerys “Danny” Targaryen shocked the world during Season eight of Game of Thrones in 2019 when she wielded her fire breathing beast and had them unleash on the people of Kings Landing.

Anyone who says they thought Danny was going to take such an action is probably full of it, that is unless they’re a writer for The Simpsons. At the end of the episode, the Simpsons watch from afar as the dragon methodically burns every last person and structure, giving us a lighthearted version of the exact same outcome in Game of Thrones.

‘The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace’ and particle physics


Homer’s version of a midlife crisis played out in the tenth season of The Simpsons after he becomes “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace.” Unsatisfied with his accomplishments, Homer takes on Thomas Edison as his role model and decides to follow in his footsteps. Homer proceeds to invent a number of strange and utterly ridiculous items.

The mechanical hammer actually wasn’t a terrible idea, but the double-barrel shotgun used to apply makeup was definitely over the top. Though Homer realizes he’ll never achieve as much as Edison, he realizes that Edison fell short of his role model: Leonardo Da Vinci. But in the process of inventing, Homer works out an equation that would baffle mathematicians.

Homer correctly predicts the mass of the God Particle

The-Simpsons-predictions-of-the-future-the-wizard-evergreen-terrace-higgs-boson-god particle
A detailed view of the blackboard with theoretical physics equations in chalk by Alberto Ramos. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos via Getty Images).

During the course of “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” Homer chalks an equation on a blackboard, and if you look closely (and are a mathematician) you’ll see that the equation is nearly equal to the mass of the Higgs Boson, a. k. a. the God Particle. The only problem was, the Higgs Boson wouldn’t be discovered for another 14 years.

This discovery was not done by some astute observer, but rather a particle physicist named Dr. Simon Singh. He actually wrote a book called, “The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets,” and contends that because The Simpsons employ so many writers with mathematical backgrounds, it tends to come out the plot of episodes.

‘Elementary School Musical’ and the Nobel Prize


“Elementary School Musical” was the premier to the 22nd season of The Simpsons, and it gets its title from the performing arts camp that Lisa attends. The place features a number of stars from the Fox series Glee and absolutely memorizes Lisa, who goes on to do more boring things in the episode that warm our hearts.

Meanwhile, Homer and Bart are thrust into a far more complicated and hilarious circumstance: Krusty the Clown has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and takes Homer and Bart with him to Norway to accept the award. Prior to them departing, Milhouse and Lisa draw up a list of who will win the Nobel Prize for each category. Not surprisingly they predicted a winner.

The Simpsons predict the Nobel Prize in Economics

Photo by Soren Andersson/AFP/Getty Images

“Elementary School Rock” also features a cameo by Stephen Hawking, who oddly enough, never won the Nobel Prize in any of its science categories. But one man who did win was Bengt Holmström, who was an MIT professor who won “for work on contact theory and how to evaluate whether things should be government-run or privately owned,” and other things you’ll never read.

That’s Holmström above, receiving his prestigious award. That moment never arrived for Krusty, as the whole Nobel Prize award was just a rouse to get him to Norway. Once there, he was sued by the International Court of Justice for public indecency.

‘Lisa’s Rival’ and a sugar heist


This is another episode that’s centered around what’s going on in the world of Lisa, but the comedy effect undoubtedly arrives in what’s going on with Homer. While Lisa “Miss Perfect” Simpson is getting owned at everything she loves by her friend turned rival, Allison Taylor, Homer makes a discovery that he believes will make him rich.

“In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the money, then you get the women,” says Homer in a line that’s an ode to Scarface. Upon finding a turned-over truck full of sugar, Homer collects as much as he can, and plots to make a fortune by selling it in Springfield.

The India sugar heist of 2009


Homer has a lot of trouble protecting his sugar from the elements, bees, and an English bloke who keeps stealing some for his tea. Homer can’t turn his back, not for a second, and the drivers of a sugar truck in India in 2009 should’ve never turned his back either. Two boys were charged with cleaning the truck but were arrested after they stole the truck.

Information on the matter doesn’t clearly state what their intention was, but maybe they got their idea fro The Simpsons. That’s probably not the case, as it didn’t go well for Homer. While spending night and day defending the sugar, a rainstorm comes and the sugar melts away, as Homer yells in Wizard of Oz fashion, “It’s melting! Melting!”

‘Boy Meets Curl’ and the Olympics


Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Curling is awesome, but saying it’s a sport is a bit of a stretch. But who cares? It’s fun to watch. In the 21st season of The Simpsons, “Boy Meets Curl,” is the story of Marge and Homer combining with Seymour and Agnes Skinner to form a curling team that qualifies for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

The episode is full of references to movies and theater, as Homer even recites Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech to pump up the team. All seems lost when Marge hurts her dominant arm, and the team decides they must forfeit.

Team USA brings home curling gold

Photo by Richard Heathcote via Getty Images

Just before the team is about to forfeit, Marge admits to Homer that she’s actually left-handed, and has been hiding it to appear more normal (one less customer for Ned Flanders’ “Leftorium” store). She’s able to complete the match against Sweden, and Team USA goes on to take home the gold.

On Feb. 24, 2018, the men’s curling team for the United States defeated Sweden 10-7 in the final to bring home gold. Though it was a few years premature in its prediction, the fact that the US had to defeat Sweden in the final, just like Homer and Marge, is uncanny.

‘Flaming Moe’ and the cocktail


Shouldn’t it be called a “Flaming Homer?” We think so, as it was Homer that came up with the famous drink in the first place. The cocktail features a little of this, and little of that, and has two secret ingredients: Krusty’s cough syrup (‘Sippin’ on some sizzurp, sip, sippin’), and fire.

It turns out to be the best dang thing since sliced bread, and all of a sudden Moe has a feeding frenzy on his hands. The only problem is, when asked what to call it, he tells people it’s a “Flaming Moe,” even though Homer invented the drink. Moe begins making money hand over fist, and Homer gets insanely jealous.

The ‘Flaming Moe’ is actually created.

Photo by Michael Tullberg via Getty Images

Since, oddly enough, only the secret ingredients are revealed for the “Flaming Moe,” we’re left guessing what’s in the rest of the drink. According to Ranker, a bar in Prospect Heights, Ney York, called The Way Station, mixed Pernod, Jagermeister, a Bacardi 151 floater, and Robitussin.

The bartender lit the drink on fire and then was promptly arrested for serving cough syrup. That last part isn’t true, but what is true is that you can Google, or check your bar book for any number of recipes for a “Flaming Moe” (or for savvy drinkers, ‘Flaming Homer’).

‘Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk’ in German means…

Wikipedia Commons (Top) / IMDb.com (Bottom)

Did you pronounce that title correctly? Good, now do you know what it means? Thank heaven for Google translate, otherwise, we would’ve never known the title of this episode is “Burns sells the power plant.” As the name implies, Burns sells the plant to a couple of German businessmen and then leaves to do whatever he wants.

This puts Homer in a precarious position, as the Germans insist on interviewing every employee. When one of the Germans tells Homer that he comes from “The Land of Chocolate,” Homer has a daydream where he’s a magical land where everything, including dogs, is made of chocolate.

‘The Land of Chocolate’ becomes a reality

PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

Homer frolics along candy streets with chocolate street lamps, and his daydream ends when he’s confronted with “Fudgetown,” and chocolate rain falls from the sky. In 2009, a museum in Shanghai, China, created the “World Chocolate Wonderland,” where everything was made of, you guessed it, chocolate! Dazzling displays and even clothing showcased by models were on display.

Homer is fired from his job because of gross incompetence. He’s then bailed out when Mr. Burns comes back to the plant, evidently unsatisfied because of the inability to boss anyone around. If Homer made it to Shanghai, we think these women would be naked in no time.

‘Lisa Goes Gaga,’ then Gaga goes Simpsons


“Lisa Goes Gaga” is the finale of the 23rd season, and features pop singer and extreme impresario Lady Gaga. Gaga and Lisa’s paths cross when Lisa is at an all-time low. In an effort to prop up her social standing, and like basketball player Kevin Durant on social media, Lisa writes positive things about herself on the school blog.

When Bart figures out her scheme, he tells the entire, school, and as if Lisa wasn’t already unpopular enough, things go from bad to worse. Enter Lady Gaga, who happens to be passing through Springfield and seeks to spread happiness. From the photo above you can imagine that she was successful.

Gaga and the pyro bra

Wikipedia Commons

Gaga goes on to perform a duet with Lisa, and during a show, she puts on she flies over the audience on a string, then dazzles everyone when flames shoot out of her bra. Fans first seized on real-life comparisons during the Super Bowl LI halftime show, when she flew to the field on a string.

Then, at “The Monster’s Ball” in Toronto, Gaga revealed her pyro bra, shooting sparks right out of her chest puppies. Gaga successfully pulls Lisa out of her funk (who wouldn’t be happy after seeing that?), and the episode is capped off with a rendition of “Poker Face” sang by Homer.

‘And Maggie Makes Three,’ and the Duke of Cambridge


Homer and Marge were all set: They had a house, two kids, and enough money to send either Bart or Lisa college, which both children were happy with. Then a happy little accident came along named Maggie, and The Simpsons have basically lived hand to mouth ever since.

In the middle of the sixth season, we are sent back in time when Homer left the nuclear power plant to work at a bowling alley. To celebrate getting his dream job, he and Marge did you know what. The result of which was little dear Maggie, but only after Homer tears his hair out upon hearing the news Marge was pregnant.

Homer’s receding hairline is just like Prince William’s

Wikipedia Commons – Prince William (left to right) in 2013, 2015, and 2018.

Homer and Prince William, or the Duke of Cambridge, have something in common: They both have three children. Though the comparison basically ends there, one more similarity exists in how they reacted to their wives being pregnant. Homer was so terrified each time Marge became pregnant, that he tore out his hair, and each time, there was less to pull out.

Internet sleuths were quick to point out that a similar outcome befell Prince William. The photos above show him in 2013, 2015, and 2018, all years when his wife, Kate Middleton, became pregnant with their children. Imagine what both men would look like if they decided to have a fourth!

‘Homer the Whopper’ and Star Wars

Wikipedia Commons / IMDb.com

This episode was actually co-written by comedian and actor Seth Rogan. He was a huge fan of The Simpsons, and when he learned that producer James L. Brooks was a fan of his movie, Superbad, Rogan asked to write an episode. What we got, was “Homer the Whopper.”

In the episode, Comic Book Guy ends up writing, you guessed it, a comic book, with a hero called Everyman. The comic book is a success, and when studio executives want to make a movie, Comic Book Guy agrees as long as he can choose the actor to play Everyman. He chooses, Homer J. Simpson.

The Simpsons predicted Star Wars, and Alvin and the Chipmunks

Photo by Chung Sung-Jun via Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

When the Simpsons arrive at Ginormous Pictures, there’s a couple of movie posters that advertise two movies, Star Wars: The Apology (someone had to say it), and Alvin and the Chipmunks: Gettin’ Rabies! The Simpsons’ writers may have been off with their choice of subtitles, but consider the fact that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, both premiered in Dec. 2015!

As for Homer and his character Everyman, he’s able to turn into “fit Homer” with the help of a character voiced by Seth Rogan. But once he leaves, Homer can’t resist food, and eats until he can’t fit into his Everyman suit.

‘Midnight Rx’ and green leaves


“Midnight Rx” came out in the sixteenth season of The Simpsons, and things get interesting during a party thrown by Mr. Burns. Anytime Burns throws a party, people should be wary, and in this case, to end festivities, he announces he will no longer cover the cost of prescription drugs.

Soon, the whole town is embroiled in the same problem, and Springfieldians become desperate for their drugs. That’s when Homer and Grampa Simpson devise a plan to travel to Manitoba and obtain their drugs from their Canadian neighbors to the north. Eventually, Ned and Apu join them, and the games begin.

The Simpsons predicted Canada will legalize recreational cannabis


Thirteen years before Canada actually legalized marijuana, Ned Flanders and Homer take a trip to Canada when prescription drugs get too expensive in Springfield in the “Midnight Rx” episode (2005). While on their trip, Ned is offered a puff of some “reefer-ino” by his Canadian doppelgänger—to which Ned responds: “They warned me Satan would be attractive. Let’s go!”

This episode came out in 2005, a full 13 years before Canada became one of the first nations ever to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Perhaps even The Simpsons couldn’t have guessed that the US would follow suit in this trend, and as of this article’s writing 10 state’s have passed similar laws.

‘When You Dish Upon a Star’ and out-Fox your opponent

IMDb.com / Wikipedia Commons

“When You Dish Upon a Star” brought in a true Hollywood power couple in Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, a full four years before they split in 2002. But back in 1998 when the episode debuted in the 10th season of The Simpsons, Homer became their personal assistant when they moved to Springfield.

At first, Homer gets along famously with his new Hollywood friends and is inspired to write a screenplay. When Ron Howard visits, Homer’s behavior becomes erratic, and he pitches Howard a script about a “killer robot driving instructor that travels back in time for some reason,” and a talking pie.

The Simpsons predicted that Disney would buy 21st Century Fox


As stupid as that sounds, by the end of the episode Howard can be seen pitching this very idea to 21st Century Fox studios. During this scene, the keen observers noticed a sign that read, “a division of Walt Disney Co.” This means that The Simpsons predicted the $52.4 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney a full 19 years before it happened.

The only difference is, 21st Century Fox was 20th Century Fox at the time. As for Homer, he got very upset at Howard, Bassinger, and Baldwin, and after a high-speed chase, he’s ordered to stay away from celebrities. Then, the episode ends with Howard’s version of Homer’s idea being accepted. D’oh!

The Simpsons predicted that Tom Hanks would end up in isolation


In a scenario none of us saw coming, Covid-19 has taken over 2020. Suddenly, it became very real to all of us following Tom Hanks’ announcement that he and his wife had been placed in isolation after they tested positive for the virus.

This is one of the softer predictions on this list as their take on the future was merely Hanks asking to be left alone if seen in public. However, it wouldn’t surprise any of us if our reality is what they really had in mind all along.