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January 28, 1813: Jane Austen publishes ‘Pride and Prejudice’

23 things you didn’t know about ancient Rome

History Today 01.27.19

January 27, 1302: Dante is exiled from Florence

History Today 01.26.19

January 26, 1965: India declares Hindi as official language

Natalie Wood’s case was reopened 20 years after her death when a witness changed their story

January 25, 1881: Alexander Graham Bell forms Oriental Telephone Company with Thomas Edison

Quiz 01.24.19

Think you know your military terms? Put your knowledge to the test

January 24, 1925: Alfred Hitchcock releases his first film

History Today 01.23.19

January 23, 1849: Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first American woman to receive a medical degree

History Today 01.22.19

January 22, 1954: Audrey Hepburn receives Golden Globe for ‘Roman Holiday’

History Today 01.21.19

January 21, 1793: King Louis XVI is Executed by Guillotine

General 01.20.19

How Mother Jones became a hellraiser for social justice

January 20, 1801: John Marshall becomes the Chief Justice of the United States

World 01.19.19

The real story of Braveheart’s William Wallace

Elizabeth Bathory: The queen who bathed in virgin blood

January 19, 1981: Muhammad Ali prevents someone from taking their own life

General 01.18.19

The story of Helen Keller’s amazing triumph over adversity

Enter the dominion of “The Beast”: The mysterious allure of Aleister Crowley

January 18, 1980: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ tops the US charts

World 01.17.19

St. Patrick’s Day history and tradition


10 bands that turned down Woodstock ’69

Elizabeth of York: The real Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

January 17, 1917: United States purchases the Virgin Islands

World 01.16.19

Pablo Escobar’s wife Maria Henao hasn’t had it easy since his death

January 16, 1581: England legally bans Catholicism

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