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The ‘Women in White’ who have terrorized people for centuries

Kemetism: Ancient Egyptian religion revived in the modern age

History Today 11.04.18

November 4, 1922: Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s tomb

After 32 years, Chernobyl is still as deadly as ever

On the front lines: Fighting in a Viking raid

History Today 11.03.18

November 3, 1954: Godzilla is unleashed into the world

History Today 11.02.18

November 2,1889: The Dakotas are admitted as the 39th and 40th states

It’s not a trend: Humans and pumpkin spice go back 3,500 years

Vampire burial used to stop 10-year-old from rising from the dead

History Today 11.01.18

November 1, 1604: Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ makes its debut

A knight’s life is not just about jousting and chivalry

106-year-old Union soldier honored as last surviving Civil War combatant

World 10.31.18

How these two sisters lured and attacked Nazis during WWII

Life on sugar plantations in the 1600s more bitter than sweet

General 10.30.18

There is nothing remotely mortal about this incredible, unkillable soldier from Detroit

History Today 10.29.18

October 29, 1958: Boris Pasternak relinquishes the Nobel Prize

Eight-year-old girl casually discovers ancient Viking sword in lake

Ancient 10.28.18

Our oldest animal ancestor looks like a pancake, and it’s 558 million years old

October 28, 1793: Eli Whitney applies for patent on his cotton gin invention

History Today 10.27.18

October 27, 1904: The New York City subway opens to the public

These creepy fairy women inspired the creation of Dracula, and they were more savage than he was

Germany’s grim WWII aftermath

Ancient 10.26.18

Historians say ‘10,000 BC’ is the most historically inaccurate movie ever

Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour possibly wrecked off America’s coast

October 26, 1916: Margaret Sanger arrested for *GASP* obscenity

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