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The unreal story behind Lynyrd Skynyrd’s name

Did the Dutch really forget they were at war with Scilly for 335 years?

General 12.18.18

Quiz: Are you a true baby boomer?

December 18, 1892: Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutracker’ premiers in Russia

General 12.17.18

Think the Kardashians are interesting? Get a load of ‘poor little rich girl’ Barbara Hutton

Last-known photographs of highly influential people

December 17, 1777: France recognizes the US as a country

History Today 12.16.18

December 16, 1485: Catherine of Aragon is born

General 12.15.18

The craziest thing that ever happened at Studio 54

December 15, 1791: The Bill of Rights becomes official

General 12.14.18

The soul-crushing story behind the final official casualty of WWI

The history of impeachment, and the 14th-century Baron who changed the world

So, Christopher Columbus isn’t as great as elementary school makes him out to be

December 14, 1903: Wright brothers attempt flight for first time

World 12.13.18

Mussolini punished subversives by forcing them to drink castor oil

One New Hampshire county tried being its own separate country

The mysterious disappearance of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt

December 13, 2001: China joins the WTO

General 12.12.18

Anarchists took over Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War

King James IV’s love of language led to a shocking experiment

One deserted island in Brazil was turned into its own principality

December 12, 1915: Frank Sinatra’s 103rd birthday

History Today 12.11.18

December 11, 1946: UNICEF is founded

The Titanic II may never set sail

One of the “facts” most of us know about Vikings is actually wrong!

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