From what we’ve learned in history class, nukes are complete hell. One whole city can be wiped clean with one of those bad boys. One U.S. city had to misfortune of being the unintentional target of these destructive devices.

Looking for a few good men

Goldsboro is a quiet little town in North Carolina. People such as Andy Griffith, Scott Stapp, and George Altman have called this place home. In 1961, the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base was one of the busiest air forces bases on the East Coast.

Jet Pilot Overseas

On January 24, 1961, Major Walter Scott Tulloch was experiencing problems with his air tank. As he kept flying, the leak became bigger and bigger. He was instructed to return to the air force base to get things checked out.

Out of control

While heading to the base, Tulloch managed to lose control of the aircraft. With 9,000 feet between them and the ground, everyone in the aircraft had their lives flash before their eyes. Many of them thought about their children. Others thought about not being able to see 101 Dalmatians the next day.

U.S. Air Force

Seconds after realizing what happened, they all took the big leap. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing to fall with them. Two Mark 39 thermonuclear bombs from the aircraft made their way to the ground.

You dropped the bomb on me

Seeing two nukes fall to the ground brought fear in everyone. At impact, both devices could’ve killed everyone around them for miles. Each device packed enough destructive power to make the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like child’s play. Fortunately, neither device was detonated, and the crew was on the hunt to find them. One device was stuck in a tree while the other was disintegrating in the mud.

United States Air Force

While the story has a happy ending, it still has an awkward continuation. Pieces of the disintegrated nuke are still stuck inside a North Carolina farm. While it can’t lead to anything serious, we’re sure there’s some history nerd looking to tear that place apart for those shards.