When it comes to prosthetic limbs, technology has delivered some high tech arms and legs. Things were a bit different in the past, though. Some people simply lived with their missing limbs for the rest of their lives. One person, however, decided to do something bold about it.

Give him a hand….seriously

The Medieval period was probably the most badass period ever. Fights were seen at every turn, and hunting was all the rage. While the plague basically killed the majority of people, there was plenty of alcohol to go around.


There was one unnamed fellow that got into a heated scuffle. During the fight, he somehow managed to lose his hand a la Luke Skywalker. Since there was no way to attatch it back on, the man was simply beaten. A few moments later, he saw a knife and had a bright idea. He started using the knife as a prosthetic hand. We’re pretty sure handshakes were a bit awkward for him for the remainder of his life.

Solid as a rock

Recently, archaeologists re-examined some skeletons discovered back in 1985. After some digging, they unveiled the shocking discovery of this man’s skeleton. Upon further investigation, they discovered this man was a Longobard. These kind of people were known to be the toughest of them all in Europe.

duncan1890 / Getty Images

“The survival of this Longobard male testifies to community care, family compassion and a high value given to human life,” researchers said in the study.

Long in the tooth

The knife wasn’t the only thing noticeable on this skeleton. They discovered his teeth were completely damaged from tightening the prosthetic on. Overall, it was a complete surprise to learn that he made it so far with this condition.

Ileana Micarelli

“This Longobard male shows a remarkable survival after a forelimb amputation during pre-antibiotic era,” stated researchers. A simple man would’ve just sat in the fetal position and cried like a baby.