At one point or another, most soldiers find themselves in compromising, life-threatening, and otherwise perilous situations. However, not every soldier who finds himself in the middle of a dangerous scenario becomes a freaking unkillable machine. But when you’re caught in an impossible situation, you sometimes have to do some pretty wild stuff to survive.

Yeah, death is just a suggestion

If you think death can’t be cheated, you haven’t heard the incredible, harrowing tale of Dwight Johnson. This soldier from Detroit fought in the Vietnam War, and during a single, movie-worthy battle, managed to flip the enemy on their heads. It’s still unclear how Johnson managed to get out of this crazy scenario alive. I’m not even sure Rambo could’ve lived through this one.

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When Johnson’s unit was alerted to another U.S. unit in need of assistance in the middle of the forest, they didn’t hesitate to rush to their aid. What they didn’t tell them was that there was an insane amount of Vietnamese soldiers waiting to try to obliterate them. But at least they had wheels to roll out on…right?

There’s no way that he’s a human being

Actually, their tank stalled the second that Vietnamese troops started firing. Great timing, huh? While that may seem like the time to surrender, Johnson didn’t show up to mess around. Deciding that his efforts could be better spent on something other than waiting for death, he popped the top off the tank and got to work…with only a tiny, .45 caliber pistol to keep him company.

Learning History

Though his weapon was small and the enemy troops were massive, Johnson hardly broke a sweat fighting back. When he blew through his ammo (and the ammo of another gun from the tank), do you think he held up his hands in surrender? Nope…he began to smack the enemy soldiers who still had freaking massive guns with his weapon. Completely unbothered. But it gets crazier.

How did this dude survive?

Once realizing that his punch-and-kick plan probably wouldn’t keep him alive, he located another nearby tank to snag some weaponry from. When he arrived, he found the gunner severely injured, and decided to drag him all the way to a nearby medical carrier. Through continual gunfire. Seems like a great time to hop on and get out of there, right? Apparently not.

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After saving the gunner, Johnson rushed right back out into battle, firing at a large number of Vietnamese soldiers all by himself. Did I mention he was completely exposed to their gunfire? How Johnson managed to live is a total mystery. His confidence certainly didn’t hurt his cause. At least he got a Medal of Honor for his troubles!