Studio 54, the legendary former-club on Broadway in New York, is perhaps the wildest nightclub that’s ever existed. Surviving this semi-psychotic establishment seems like a bit of a miracle. Luckily, plenty of people have, and the crazy stories they’ve emerged with are from another world. But they’re far from fictional…and one stunt probably should have gotten this place shut down immediately.

This place was either Heaven or Hell

Those who attended the original Studio 54 in the 33 months that it miraculously survived participated in some pretty wild shenanigans. The club was notorious for drawing in celebrities with its constant insane and semi-disturbing events. Sadly, tax evasion did them in about three years in, but that didn’t prevent some impossibly crazy stuff from happening while it was open.

Aspen Chamber/Photo Shelter

Studio 54 was constantly showing itself up with new macabre, mind-tripping experiences each night. Think it can’t get any weirder than Andy Warhol rollerskating with a bucket of cash? Or a circus-themed party with Valentino playing ringleader? Well, actually, it can — and an unusual birthday party resulted in a terrified, glitter-covered stallion.

Well, she is a celebrity…

With the club’s popularity peaking, it’s no surprise that stars wanted to spend a night at Studio 54. When Bianca Jagger’s birthday rolled around, especially after she helped them open, she was thrilled to celebrate there. The owner, Steve Rubell, adored her, and as a result, she rode in like a royal. And yes, you read that right: rode in.

AG Nauta couture

Let’s be clear: unless you’re throwing a rodeo, it’s no secret that “horses” and “indoors” don’t exactly mix. You would think it’s pretty self-explanatory that you shouldn’t drop a massive steed into the middle of a crowded, glitter-soaked bar…right? Well, as it turns out, Studio 54 never got the message.

Everything’s fine, don’t mind the horse

That night, Bianca Jagger pranced into her birthday celebration on the back of a huge, white horse, because…why not? Considering it was an itty-bitty bar, a huge crowd, and horses are scared of everything, what could go wrong? After kicking off the strange stunt, Bianca was photographed in all her glory on the back of the disoriented horse as proof of the strange experience.

Rose Hartman/Forbes

However, as it turns out, Bianca didn’t ride in on the horse. It was already there, doing what horses do when trapped in a nightclub. Eventually, Bianca climbed on and was casually led around by a glitter-coated naked man. Close enough to a trainer, right? It’s not a huge surprise that Studio 54 would do something so dangerously obscure. We can only imagine the stunts they would pull if they were still open today.