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December 11, 1946: UNICEF is founded

How Dr. Seuss helped America defeat Hitler

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Super disturbing consequences of WWII you won’t find in history books

Churchill’s allies almost blew him away, and that’s not just an expression

October 17, 1993: Albert Einstein makes his move to America permanently

October 12, 1945: Desmond Doss, pacifist superhero, receives the Medal of Honor

September 21, 1950: George Marshall becomes the secretary of defense

Fate of missing WWII pilot surprises everyone

One fighter pilot faced a squad of Nazis by herself

Why Anne Frank’s family couldn’t immigrate to the US

The blind baby crisis of the 1950s

The man on all sides of the WWII: Yang Kyoungjong

The Jewish resistance paratroopers’ harrowing mission during World War II

Mad Jack Churchill: WWII’s infamous British bagpipe player and swordsman

How a crossword puzzle almost blew it for D-day

Facts you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth II

Before the telephone, Morse code relayed messages over long distances thanks to Samuel F.B. Morse

Did You Know That British Tanks Double as Tea Making Facilities

Eva Braun: Mistress to the Fuehrer and the Girl in a Gilded Cage

The World War II Rationing Law Prohibits over Indulgence with Fresh Bread

Britain’s Planned Biological Warfare and the Anthrax Island

Nazi Doctors Created Wonder Drug D-IX to Make Superhuman Soldiers

Japan’s Secret Weapons During World War II Were Paper Balloons

Interesting insights on the Amish

Teddy Roosevelt’s sons saved Christmas in the White House

History Today 12.11.18

December 11, 1946: UNICEF is founded

The Titanic II may never set sail

One of the “facts” most of us know about Vikings is actually wrong!

Lisa Frank’s long-lasting technicolor popularity

World 12.10.18

How Dr. Seuss helped America defeat Hitler

December 10th, 1906: Teddy Roosevelt becomes first American to Claim Nobel Prize

Decades after WWII was over, these men kept fighting

Declassified information reveals US Navy’s alliance with the Italian mob decades later

World 12.09.18

WWI vet’s diary describes the horrors of war, with a little humor thrown in

How the Austrian army once accidentally managed to defeat itself

A literal riot broke out over the first top hat ever worn, and the reasons why are absolutely ridiculous

When Bjorn Ironside accidentally invaded the wrong city

December 9, 1531: The Virgin of Guadalupe first appears to Juan Diego

World 12.08.18

Canadian First Lady fends off robbers with a loon sculpture

Joan of Arc was BFFs with a mass murderer

December 8, 1660: First woman performs in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’

Ancient 12.07.18

Found brooch tells a story of Nazi hatred, ancient history and the viking influence on the world

The world’s oldest use of the word ‘Jerusalem’ now on display

Secret images and hidden meanings in history’s most famous paintings

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

US 12.06.18

Flappers: today’s heroes, yesterday’s villains

December 6, 1917, Finland declares independence

How soldiers in the trenches of WWI really lived

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