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The world’s oldest use of the word ‘Jerusalem’ now on display

How Indonesian women discovered Madagascar

Archaeologists find ancient hunting dart lost by hunter 1,000 years ago

September 23, 1806: Lewis and Clark return from their epic expedition

What was game night like during medieval times?

New discovery in the Pacific: Divers find shipwreck rumored to be full of gold

This little brass key could have saved everyone on the Titanic

Archaeologists discover earliest-known record of Homer’s Odyssey after 3,000 years

Modern tech helps reveal new information about ancient literary scrolls

Recently discovered photo album reveals why the Titanic sank so quickly

WWI vet’s diary describes the horrors of war, with a little humor thrown in

Canadian First Lady fends off robbers with a loon sculpture

World 12.08.18

Joan of Arc was BFFs with a mass murderer

Ancient 12.07.18

Found brooch tells a story of Nazi hatred, ancient history and the viking influence on the world

The world’s oldest use of the word ‘Jerusalem’ now on display

Secret images and hidden meanings in history’s most famous paintings

December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

US 12.06.18

Flappers: today’s heroes, yesterday’s villains

December 6, 1917, Finland declares independence

How soldiers in the trenches of WWI really lived

Potosi, the sunken town, re-emerges from the depths

History Today 12.05.18

December 5, 1933: Prohibition ends

General 12.04.18

The busiest hitman in mafia history: The ‘Iceman’

December 4th, 1881: The first edition of LA Times is published

General 12.03.18

Meet the most beautiful women of the last century

During World War II D.C. experiences worst flood ever


The Great Depression helped invent “Monopoly”

December 3, 1818: Illinois becomes the 21st state

World 12.02.18

Super disturbing consequences of WWII you won’t find in history books

This 1950s science kit for kids came with real uranium

December 2nd, 1804: Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned Emperor of France

General 12.01.18

How Portugal’s first serial killer wound up with his head in a jar

Emmett Till was brutally murdered 63 years ago— here’s why it’s still relevant today

Jesse James robbed Alexander Mitchell and Co. bank

December 1st, 1955: Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up seat on bus

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