Musing on the downfall of human society and civilization isn’t a dated concept, especially when you consider the Dark Ages. Considering our current age of corruption and misinformation wars, it is understandable why some people think history is repeating itself. Idiocracy could be our future reality, or worse. Although many people may think of medieval Europe when learning about the Dark Ages, there have been many societies which have risen and fallen.

Blackout for Europe

Historians consider the beginning of Europe’s Dark Ages to begin with the fall of Rome in 476 AD. A lot of valuable knowledge was lost, and serfs and lords both believed some pretty wild ideas, with no fact checking in sight.


To rub salt in Europe’s wounds of cultural and economic deterioration, the Black Plague devastated the population toward the end of medieval Europe’s downward spiral. After years of persistent decay, the Renaissance period helped western society return to appreciating fine art, philosophy, knowledge, and Christianity to light a brighter future.

Unscathed by the age

While Europe was suffering through a stifling period of degradation, the Arab world, northern Africa, and parts of Asia managed to flourish. Thankfully, dark periods are not a global phenomenon that happens simultaneously, as some societies had already gone through their growing pains


Asia displayed fearsome might via Ghengis Khan, movable type, gunpowder, and architecture. The Arab world and northern Africa retained in-depth knowledge of math, sciences, and invaluable art and design techniques.

To rise and fall like stars

No society that rises to power is exempt from eventually succumbing to crumbling and dissolution. The collapse of the Roman empire was inevitable, after suffering enough war and economic upheaval.

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Researchers continue to study the nature of human organization and empires and attempt to understand any natural behavior and patterns. Every society throughout the world has been a witness to cycles of emerging technology and knowledge, and after reaching an apex, a descent in the opposite direction begins until its end.