Everyone has heard of Roswell, New Mexico. The site of the infamous 1947 flying saucer crash (and even more infamous cover-up) is now a major tourist destination and host to a yearly UFO festival. But several weeks earlier, there was an even weirder occurrence in the state of Washington that no one ever talks about.

What happened in Puget Sound?

On June 21, 1947, Harold Dahl was on a patrol boat with his son and two other men in the Puget Sound. They were looking for logs floating in the water so they could turn them in for a salvage fee.

At around two in the afternoon, they rounded the side of Maury Island. What they witnessed then would be life-changing.


Six donut-shaped airships hovered in the air above them. One of them dropped slowly, seemingly observing the men. After about five minutes, thousands of pieces of metal began raining from the ship, landing in the water and all around them.

One hit Dahl’s son and burned his arm. Another killed the family dog.

The men in black

Just as quickly as the airships had appeared, they disappeared. Luckily, Dahl had taken several photos, and they all showed the strange crafts.

According to Dahl, the very next morning a man wearing a black suit showed up on his doorstep. The stranger warned him not to discuss the incident or bad things might happen to his family.


The U.S. Airforce and the FBI later determined that the entire thing had been a hoax in a bid to gain publicity. Of course, there are conspiracy theorists that say otherwise . . .

Continued sightings

Maury Island wasn’t an isolated event. Just that summer, there were dozens of similar reports (minus the flying slag and dying dogs). Even today reports still roll in on a regular basis–in fact, Washington has the 3rd highest rate of UFO sightings in the entire country.


From orange fireballs in the sky to purple flashing ships, the people of the Evergreen State have seen it all.