Coming to Netflix this November is the historic tale of Robert the Bruce. The Outlaw King will try to make its way into our hearts and watchlists as Netflix’s next “streaming blockbuster.”

The Outlaw King

This 14th Century tale is of a Scottish nobleman excommunicated and declared an outlaw, but who rises to become king. Since the crazy success of Game of Thrones, this medieval lark is one of Netflix’s latest offerings.


We don’t yet know what all the story will entail, but we are likely to see grand battles, heart-breaking moments and characters that are both well-written and wonderfully acted.

The historic tale

The story of Robert the Bruce is worth retelling. Born to a family of Scottish aristocrats only distantly related to the royal family, he was still a contender to the throne. Robert had one main rival for the throne: John Comyn, whom he eventually stabbed in a church in Dumfries. This did not grant him the throne, however, but lead to his excommunication and outlawing.

Ancient Origins

Still, Robert pressed on and proclaimed his right to the throne, but didn’t truly live up to his outlaw status until after the imprisonment or execution of his family. After this, he waged a guerrilla war against English forces in Scotland, leading up to the decisive battle at Bannockburn. Eventually, Robert won the throne of Scotland that was his right.

The Netflix adaptation

It is not yet known what parts of Robert the Bruce’s story the Netflix original, The Outlaw King, or where it will end. Any part of this grand tale is well worth the watch, however! Chris Pine, best known as Captain Kirk in the recent Star Trek movies, will play the titular outlaw.


Alongside Pine will be Stephen Dillane, Tony Curran, Sam Spruell, and James Cosmo. The Outlaw King comes to Netflix this holiday season.