The eruption of World War II was anything but smooth sailing. The separation between the Axis and the Allies was evident, and all eyes were fearfully on Germany. One word— Nazis.

One man had everyone under his spell. And his murderous mission would rock the world generations later.

Hitler set the world on fire

Adolf Hitler needs no introduction. He was a German politician that gained control in 1933 as chancellor, and this led to the start of the Holocaust.


Millions of Jewish citizens were held in concentration camps and killed. One Jewish genius made his great escape. You may have heard of him. Probably.

Einstein needs no intro

The genius physicist Albert Einstein was literally the man. Hello, ever hear of the theory of relativity? Thank Einstein for that.

As a Jewish man born and raised in Germany, Einstein obviously wasn’t an advocate for Hitler’s practices.

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He was actually visiting the United States in 1933 when Hitler’s reign of terror began, and he decided to make his stay a little longer than short-term. Smart man.

After living in Belgium for a period of time and realizing he was on a list of German assassination targets, Einstein made his big move.

This genius moved to the states

On October 17, 1933, Einstein made his American stay permanent. He accepted a position at Princeton in New Jersey—naturally. He obviously turned down a position at Oxford, because, Einstein.

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Although his job was only intended to last six months, Einstein became an official citizen of the United States in 1940. He only lived 20 years of his life on American soil, but this didn’t stop him from making a serious impact.

He even warned President Roosevelt of Germany’s research and development of atomic weapons. Leading to his advancements for American in this same realm. Einstein was all about the US of A, baby.