The limestone caves of Kesh have fascinated archaeologists, tourists, and residents for centuries. Explorers often wonder if the ancient caves hold the secrets of Middle Earth and magic, as a doorway has yet to be found.

An otherworldly fascination

The discovery of both human and animal teeth within the caves, dating back to the Iron age, suggested that ancient Ireland was more consumed with ritual than dentistry. The Kesh caves have long been associated with Lugh, who was a skilled craftsman and is honored at the harvest festival Lughnasadh. Whether or not Lugh was accepting gifts of teeth is a completely different story.

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Many persons often found themselves between a rock and a hard place, rather than receiving asylum in the caves. Archaeologists made a grisly discovery of a severed human leg inside the caves. Legend has it that when mythical warrior Fionn and his men went hunting around the caves, they were bound by magic for trespassing.

Slumbering under Ireland

Perhaps the Kesh caves are hiding away the legendary Tuatha De Dannan or ancient Gods. The climb to reach the caves is slippery and treacherous, which keeps crowds from surging the site to poke around or enjoy the view. When it comes to prime real estate with breathtaking views, ancient deities or magical beings know where to settle.

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Not to be outclassed by ancient Roman legends, the high-king of Ireland, King Cormac MacAirt, was believed to be reared by a she-wolf. It is said that if Ireland is in need, King Cormac will awaken from his slumber and come to the nation’s rescue.

Mysterious land of faeries

What would a mysterious range of caves be without fairies and elves? The Tuatha De Dannan were believed to be the original inhabitants of Ireland before the ancestors of modern-day Irish arrived. After the Milesians arrived, war broke out, and the Tuatha De Dannan were forced underground via the caves.

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Considering that the Tuatha De Dannan were pretty good looking and were skilfull at sciences, perhaps jealousy and sour grapes caused the people to be labeled as magical, otherworldly, or fairy folk.