Not everyone enjoys their town. Many people try to move out and write generic pop-punk songs about them. The people in one town were so fed up, they tried to secede from the United States.

Not really galactic

The Republic of Indian Stream didn’t birth any famous people. It didn’t even contribute any cool inventions. This region was right in the middle of Quebec and New Hampshire. Due to the Treaty of Paris of 1783, this area didn’t belong to either the United States or Canada.

Benjamin West

Of course, this led to several problems for those inhabiting this spot. Since it was split between two countries, everyone got taxed twice. Having to pay double for that sweet bottle of Perrier wine didn’t sit well for anyone. Furious over the situation, the residents decided to become their own government.

Building their own world

In 1832, the small group of 300 people decided to officially give the area its rightful name. As a new territory, there was no need to use money from the U.S. and Canada. A select few created currency for the region.

Matt Morgen

Unfortunately, a near arrest led to tensions flying everywhere. A small group of townspeople stopped one of their own from being arrested near Quebec. On the way back home, they confronted another group of people, who caused a riot by shooting a deputy and kidnapping their friend.

Death to the republic

The incident was the final straw for the Republic as New Hampshire police quickly took the place over. President Andrew Jackson caught wind of the situation and ordered a treaty over the land.

New Hampshire Public Radio

In 1836, the area was absorbed by the town of Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Everyone that was once a part of the Republic had to revert back to U.S. standards. For a few years, though, they managed to give the finger to two governments.