Back in the day, cities went to war with almost everyone. Many beloved areas now were once inhabited by a different group of people. Before its downfall, Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey) was a city at the center of Classical Antiquity.

Been a long time gone, Constantinople

When you hear the name Constantinople, you probably have that Tiny Toon Adventures song pop in your head. In the 5th century, it was a city full of wealth and prosperity. Due to its massive flow of money, it was a targeted city by many thieves.

Weapons And Warfare

In order to combat any possible attacks, the city beefed up its security. These guards were armed to the teeth with all sorts of weaponry snf posted on round-the-clock watch.

Why did Constantinople get the works?

In 1453, an eager group of Ottoman soldiers decided to take down the city. The king of the Ottomans wasn’t your typical king. At the young age of 21, Sultan Mehmed II was just as vicious as the more seasoned and cynical kings. Over the course of days, he managed to pick off the troops at Constantinople until the city’s defenses were running thin.

Edirne Kusatma Zonaro

When it came to barging in the city, one critical mistake gave the Ottomans a clear advantage. While most of the gates were closed, someone forgot to close one simple gate. This was the equivalent of your dog running out into the streets because you left the gate unlocked.

That’s nobody’s business but the Turks

After waltzing through the gate, the soldiers created nothing but chaos for the town. Mehmed II promised to completely take over the city in three days. With an intense group of soldiers backing him, it was surprising that he didn’t do it in less time. The people that managed to survive the takeover were offered to stay put in the town with no questions asked.

Kusatma Zonaro

If you ask certain historians, the fall of Constantinople was either triggered by a mysterious fog or missing priests. The truth behind the town’s downfall was an unlocked gate. If this isn’t a legit PSA to keep your gates locked, we don’t know what is. Lock it up.