Whether you call it soccer or football, there’s no denying that the World Cup is a huge deal. Teams from all over compete to take home the World Cup? What happens if your team doesn’t win? Well, you don’t steal the trophy like some people did.

Pele couldn’t see it coming

In 1970, Brazil gave Italy the whooping of a lifetime with a 4-1 victory. For Brazil, this was their third FIFA win in their team’s long career. As expected, the team showcased this trophy at the Brazilian Football Confederation office. For those working there, it was a cool reminder of how badass the team was at the game.


Unfortunately, some random people were sick of Brazil’s top notch game. They decided to spoil their celebration by running off with the trophy.

Unleashing their master plan

On December 19, 1983, a trio of criminals broke into the building and snatched up the prized possession. Where was security during this situation? Unfortunately, they were a bit tied up….literally. The one guard available was no match for this treacherous trio. They managed to tied them up and rolled them to the side.

The Daily Star

In order to fool potential thieves, the building had a fake trophy planted during night hours. These thieves were clever enough to know when a fake’s a fake. With the real deal in their grasp, they made a mad dash out of the door.

A silver lining?

The police were quickly on the hunt for the missing trophy. One major fear was that it would get melted down into gold. To their dismay, they never got their hands on the original trophy again. Some former employees of the building were apprehended for a possible connection, but they were released.

Sports Illustrated

While the trophy was probably melted into gold, Simon Kulper stated that there’s a somewhat positive ending to that situation. “The trophy wasn’t solid gold: merely silver coated with gold,” he stated on The Financial Times. We’re pretty sure those thieves were crying tears of sorrow when they saw the end result.