As pioneering engineers and inventors, Orville and Wilbur had to have a lot of passion and courage to make their dream come true. Thanks to determination and hard work, the Wright brothers are immortalized in history for transforming the world with their technology.

Flight obsession bonds brothers

Wilbur and Orville Wright were the sons of a bishop, who would bring the boys gifts back from preaching on the road. When the boys were gifted a helicopter model that used a rubber band to power the rotors, a love for aeronautical engineering took root. Despite never attending college, both Wilbur and Orville were quick to create a startup, challenging the status quo.

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The brothers created their own newspaper and started building and fixing their own bicycle models when it was an emerging fad. The Wright brothers seemed to be blessed when it came to creating mechanical experiments, and they obsessed over the latest technological research. Curiosity and thinking outside of the box would soon make the brothers a household name.

Perfect day for catching air

Orville and Wilbur realized they would need to test their airplane designs in an area with strong winds, so they headed to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Observing birds helped the brothers understand how to balance the wings of their plane for balance and control. Soon, they had a plane that would get off of the ground successfully.

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On December 14, 1903, after using a coin toss to decide which brother would test the Wright Flyer, the Wright brothers attempted flight. Like any first test trial, the plane managed to get into the air but crashed after a few seconds. Three days later, the brothers would find the success they were looking for, getting their plane off the ground for almost a whole minute in the air.

Crash landing doesn’t deter progress

The American public was a bunch of disbelieving haters, unwilling to believe the engineering feats of the Wright brothers. The brothers would later venture to Europe to find more receptive open-minded people, who were willing to purchase their airplanes.

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The Wright brothers became famous and wealthy in Europe, offering airplane rides to officials and journalists to display their engineering feats. Later in 1909, they sold their technology to America and Europe, filling contracts for airplanes.