It doesn’t take much to realize there is a ton of misfortune and injustice taking place around the globe. Turning on the evening news is enough to influence anyone to donate to humanitarian causes. One foundation has been at the forefront of it all, especially when people around the world needed it most.

World War II devastated many populations

Although surely world leaders hoped otherwise, the end of World War II left many countries in utter ruin. The most vulnerable and innocent populations suffered the most.


Children were starving and living in poor conditions everywhere after the conclusion of the war. Unable to idly stand by why the world’s most vulnerable suffered, something quite remarkable came about.

One man sparked miraculous change

To aid in the need for food and proper medical care, on December 11, 1946, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was founded by Ludwik Rajchman.


The aid of UNICEF far surpassed the 1940’s, and this foundation became the namesake of children’s rights. This led to the Convention on the Rights of a Child becoming a major human rights treaty in 1989, which would assure that children of troubled nations would be heard.

UNICEF has changed the humanitarian game forever

The change UNICEF has implemented has not gone unnoticed. In the year 1950 alone, over 6 million hungry children were fed meals.

The Italian Insider

By the year 1973, UNICEF prevented deaths due to unclean drinking water in over 70 countries worldwide. And the impact of UNICEF only continues to make a major impact on the lives of the needy everywhere. From the bare necessities like clothes, food, and water, to the right to an education, children everywhere are given a voice. Definitely one very positive result of a major war, no matter how you look at it.