Being the first to win something is always a thrill. It means your name will forever be etched in history. It also means more money in your wallet when you’re signing autographs at conventions. One president managed to earn this prestigious honor for preventing total destruction.

The trust buster

Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t just a president will a chill first name. The New York native was all about being progressive. During the Progressive Era, Roosevelt instantly became a beloved leader, with plans for days.


Roosevelt was responsible for a plethora of new parks and monuments in America, including the Grand Canyon.

Defusing the situation

One of Roosevelt’s finest moments came during the Russo-Japanese War, which was a precursor for World War I. For one year, Japan and Russia fought over land in Korea and Manchuria. At first, everyone assumed Russia would stand on top, but that wasn’t the case. Japan was relentless in their fight for those properties; they gained momentum from winning numerous battles.

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In order to stop the war, everyone turned to Roosevelt for a solution. He decided to mediate a peace treaty between both countries following the incidents of Bloody Sunday. On September 5, 1905, The Treaty of Portsmouth was signed by both parties, which meant that Korea was a part of Japan. Unfortunately, no teddy bears were exchanged between the two parties, which probably upset Roosevelt.

A Nobel feat

Due to his involvement in this treaty signing, Roosevelt became the first American to gain a Nobel Prize. The president gained the title on December 10th, 1906, but he didn’t give a speech until May 5, 1910.


“The gold medal which formed part of the prize I shall always keep, and I shall hand it on to my children as a precious heirloom,” he stated. In the end, his crucial involvement in ending the Russo-Japanese War meant more than any medal. For his grandchildren, though, it was probably very crucial to have it for show and tell.