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November 15th, 1791: Georgetown University opens its doors

November 14, 1908: Albert Einstein presents quantum theory on light

November 13th, 1987: Van Gogh painting sells for record-breaking amount

November 12, 1966: Buzz Aldrin takes the first space selfie

November 11, 1969: The Doors frontman Jim Morrison is arrested by the FBI

November 10th, 1940: Walt Disney started a 25-year relationship working with the FBI

November 9th, 1799: Napoleon becomes Emperor of France

November 8th, 1895: Wilhelm Röntgen discovers x-rays

November 7th, 1874: Republican party depicted as an elephant by Thomas Nast

Take a tasty trip back in time at the oldest restaurant in the world

November 6, 1913: Gandi arrested in South Africa

November 5th, 1940: FDR is elected for a third term

November 4, 1922: Howard Carter discovers King Tut’s tomb

November 3, 1954: Godzilla is unleashed into the world

November 2,1889: The Dakotas are admitted as the 39th and 40th states

It’s not a trend: Humans and pumpkin spice go back 3,500 years

November 1, 1604: Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ makes its debut

That time back in ’92 when the Vatican admitted Galileo may have had a point

October 29, 1958: Boris Pasternak relinquishes the Nobel Prize

October 28, 1793: Eli Whitney applies for patent on his cotton gin invention

October 27, 1904: The New York City subway opens to the public

October 26, 1916: Margaret Sanger arrested for *GASP* obscenity

October 25, 1957: Albert Anastasia is murdered by the mafia

October 24, 1926: Harry Houdini’s last performance

October 23, 1941: Walt Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ flies into theaters

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