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Someone managed to miss Andrew Jackson twice during an assassination attempt

One time there were three popes…and they all excommunicated each other

Pepsi once became the 6th most powerful military in the world

Nixon managed to nearly cripple the economy with a 90-day freeze in 1971

Someone entered a horse in a race against trains

King Charles II made sure three people died… twice

John Quincy Adams once had an alligator roam the White House

Criminal bad boy John Dillinger makes prison break with wooden gun

That time the US dropped a nuke on North Carolina

One tough man walked through life with a knife for a hand

‘Cast Away’ becomes real for this brave man who survived 14 months lost at sea

Ridiculous Cold War combat vehicles

Did a Neanderthal child get eaten by a giant bird?

Archaeologists discover foundations of Wolf Hall, where Henry VIII fell for Jane Seymour

Gems that kill: Scandalous stories behind cursed and looted jewelry

The ‘Women in White’ who have terrorized people for centuries

Kemetism: Ancient Egyptian religion revived in the modern age

On the front lines: Fighting in a Viking raid

Vampire burial used to stop 10-year-old from rising from the dead

A knight’s life is not just about jousting and chivalry

Life on sugar plantations in the 1600s more bitter than sweet

There is nothing remotely mortal about this incredible, unkillable soldier from Detroit

These creepy fairy women inspired the creation of Dracula, and they were more savage than he was

Churchill’s allies almost blew him away, and that’s not just an expression

How cigarette companies turned doctors into their biggest advocates

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