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The complete list of the comparisons between Lincoln and Kennedy’s assassinations

Infamous pirate Benjamin Hornigold once raided a ship just for their hats

Native American demands a beer from the Pilgrims

The untold tale of Tituba and how she sparked the Salem Witch Hunt

Why did Benedict Arnold to betray America?

One fighter pilot faced a squad of Nazis by herself

The battles of World War I made their way to one small US city

The role of slaves in shaping American culinary traditions

Just some Victorians chillin’ at Stonehenge, NBD

Just how beat up was Britain after the Revolutionary War?

How one war brought the first pair of pants into the limelight

How one New Guinea nut scored its own special language

Recent discovery says pink is the oldest color of life on Earth

Earn your credence and call this common anachronism in pre-Civil War movies

Was there an actual love story between Pocahontas and John Smith?

Particle accelerator used to recover 150-year-old daguerreotype portraits

Long-lost sealed sarcophagus recovered in Egypt

Archaeologists discover earliest-known record of Homer’s Odyssey after 3,000 years

They turned a cat into a phone for the sake of science

Turns out, Colonial Americans were pretty much always drunk

One man spent 20 years on the road photographing North American buildings

The Iliad and Odyssey are only two parts of an 8-part Epic Cycle — The other six are lost to history

Perfectly preserved art and graffiti of Pompeii

Bezos who? Today’s wealthiest person in the world lived nearly 700 years ago

What Nietzsche actually antisemitic? Historians think not — and that some of his writings were forged to make him seem so

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