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Surprising evolution of vegetarianism

Finding her voice: Why Eleanor Roosevelt is our favorite wallflower

Amelia Earhart? Try Jerrie Mock: The first woman to successfully fly around the world

Rags to riches: How C. J. Walker became America’s first self-made female millionaire

What did people of the past think the future would look like?

Fate of missing WWII pilot surprises everyone

How a rogue sheep led to one of history’s greatest archaeological finds

The bizarre evolution of the Illuminati

Priceless art would have been lost to WWII if it weren’t for a bunch of nerds

Cat lovers, farmers, and ski enthusiasts? Lesser-known facts about the Vikings

Spy, visionary, and icon: The complicated legacy of Coco Chanel

Bobby Dunbar mystery solved? DNA test puts 100 year-old mystery to rest

The Voyager missions: Photos, facts, and quotes of epic proportions

30 vintage advertisements that will make you squirm

Recently discovered photo album reveals why the Titanic sank so quickly

Anything for beauty: 15 extreme beauty trends of the past

15 accidental inventions that changed the world

More sea urchins! The history of cloning

Fiercest women in history

Rare last photos of extinct animals

New theories on the fate of the ghost ship Mary Celeste

New discovery makes historians reconsider the origin of the bubonic plague

Facts you didn’t know about Queen Elizabeth II

The origin of Father’s Day: One woman’s desire to honor her veteran father

January 4, 1958: Sir Edmund Hillary travels to the South Pole

Where are they now? People in the news we forgot all about

History Today 01.03.19

January 3, 1521: Martin Luther is excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church

History Today 01.02.19

January 2, 1903: Theodore Roosevelt backs the first black postmaster

Ancient 01.01.19

Shining a light on the Dark Ages of medieval Europe

Unfortunate ‘booted man’ discovered encased in mud in London

January 1, 1788: Quakers in PA emancipate their slaves

World 12.31.18

20 Americans who lived our dream and married royalty

Declassified documents reveal the truth about the FBI’s contribution to Ernest Hemingway’s demise

Ancient 12.28.18

This lost city was the Vegas of Ancient Rome

General 12.27.18

Powerful photos of women entering the workforce

History Today 12.25.18

December 25, 800 CE: Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor

Unraveling the mysterious life of Leonardo da Vinci

History Today 12.23.18

December 23rd, 1954: First successful kidney transplant is performed

History Today 12.22.18

December 22nd, 1990: Lech Walesa becomes president of Poland

History Today 12.21.18

December 21, 1913: First crossword published

Today in history 12.20.18

Katherine Johnson was a hidden genius

December 20, 1606: Three ships set sail for Jamestown, Virginia to establish a permanent colony

The media has been the biggest enemy to politicians since Boss Tweed

General 12.19.18

The true horror story behind one of horror’s most iconic scenes

Marie-Antoinette probably didn’t say “let them eat cake”

As if she wasn’t already incredible enough, Eleanor Roosevelt was an Olympic Bobsledder

December 19th, 1983: FIFA World Cup gets stolen in Brazil

General 12.18.18

Coco Chanel grew up in severe poverty, and it turned her into a millionaire

The unreal story behind Lynyrd Skynyrd’s name

Did the Dutch really forget they were at war with Scilly for 335 years?

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