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The king of Queen: The inspiring and tragic life of Freddie Mercury

Vintage photos of Jackie O

Hollywood blockbusters with glaring historical inaccuracies

Gems that kill: Scandalous stories behind cursed and looted jewelry

Lucille Ball influenced more than you think

Discovery of 150-year-old iron coffin sheds light on forgotten part of history

Discovery of secret room on plantation reignites the Jefferson–Hemings controversy

The stories behind the 15 most haunted places in America

The cutthroat saga behind the Cabbage Patch Kids craze

Man discovers ancient city in basement

Disco, celebrities, and animals on the loose: Inside the wild party life of Studio 54

The amazing life and curious death of Bruce Lee

From Bohemian Rhapsody to Born in the USA: The story behind your favorite songs

Fairy tales or scary tales? The origins behind our favorite childhood stories

The mysterious death of Jim Morrison

The Salem witch trials

From rites of passage to hipsters: The evolution of tattoos

Surprising evolution of vegetarianism

Finding her voice: Why Eleanor Roosevelt is our favorite wallflower

Amelia Earhart? Try Jerrie Mock: The first woman to successfully fly around the world

Rags to riches: How C. J. Walker became America’s first self-made female millionaire

What did people of the past think the future would look like?

Fate of missing WWII pilot surprises everyone

How a rogue sheep led to one of history’s greatest archaeological finds

The bizarre evolution of the Illuminati

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The king of Queen: The inspiring and tragic life of Freddie Mercury

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Vintage photos of Jackie O

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