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106-year-old Union soldier honored as last surviving Civil War combatant

How these two sisters lured and attacked Nazis during WWII

General 10.31.18

Life on sugar plantations in the 1600s more bitter than sweet

General 10.30.18

There is nothing remotely mortal about this incredible, unkillable soldier from Detroit

History Today 10.29.18

October 29, 1958: Boris Pasternak relinquishes the Nobel Prize

Eight-year-old girl casually discovers ancient Viking sword in lake

History Today 10.28.18

October 28, 1793: Eli Whitney applies for patent on his cotton gin invention

History Today 10.27.18

October 27, 1904: The New York City subway opens to the public

These creepy fairy women inspired the creation of Dracula, and they were more savage than he was

Germany’s grim WWII aftermath

Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour possibly wrecked off America’s coast

October 26, 1916: Margaret Sanger arrested for *GASP* obscenity

General 10.25.18

Churchill’s allies almost blew him away, and that’s not just an expression

October 25, 1957: Albert Anastasia is murdered by the mafia

History Today 10.24.18

October 24, 1926: Harry Houdini’s last performance

Ötzi the Iceman’s tattoos tell us all about medicine during the Copper Age

There may be a legit reason Mona Lisa looks so freaking depressed

History Today 10.23.18

October 23, 1941: Walt Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ flies into theaters

Today in history 10.22.18

You can now read Leonardo da Vinci’s private notebooks online


Thanks to Hurricane Hazel in 1954, Myrtle Beach is a tourist destination today

How cigarette companies turned doctors into their biggest advocates

October 22, 1906: Henry Ford rises to president of the Ford Motor Company

‘The UFO made me sick!’ claim Korean War soldiers


This bold female senator bashed McCarthy during the worst of his tirades, and she refused to apologize


Meet the birth of the American diner and the food truck all in one

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