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November 27th 1978: Harvey Milk is assassinated

November 26th 1865: Alice in Wonderland arrives in book stores

General 11.25.18

One time there were three popes…and they all excommunicated each other

Pepsi once became the 6th most powerful military in the world

November 25th, 1867: Alfred Nobel patents dynamite

General 11.24.18

Nixon managed to nearly cripple the economy with a 90-day freeze in 1971

Someone entered a horse in a race against trains

November 24, 1859: Charles Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species

General 11.23.18

King Charles II made sure three people died… twice

November 23, 1936: Life Magazine is rebranded as a photo magazine

World 11.22.18

Two countries are fighting over an island with bottles of booze

In 1932, Australian farmers went to war against emus

November 22, 1963: President John F. Kennedy is assassinated

General 11.21.18

John Quincy Adams once had an alligator roam the White House

Criminal bad boy John Dillinger makes prison break with wooden gun

November 21st, 1976: ‘Rocky’ delivers a K.O. at its NYC premiere

General 11.20.18

That time the US dropped a nuke on North Carolina

November 20th, 1984: McDonald’s cooks its 50 billionth burger

World 11.19.18

Signalman Jack: The baboon railroad worker with a perfect record

Today in history 11.18.18

New major discovery as georadar locates buried Viking ship

November 18th, 1872: Activist Susan B. Anthony is arrested for voting

Before Roswell, Maury Island had an even weirder alien encounter

One tough man walked through life with a knife for a hand

November 17th, 1894: H. H. Holmes is arrested

General 11.16.18

‘Cast Away’ becomes real for this brave man who survived 14 months lost at sea

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